Jun 25, 2011

The Stranger Exchange (Photos)

A few months ago, we began a project called The Stranger Exchange! We paired up complete strangers, who after becoming pen pals, mailed each other some really stunning packages! See what some of the Stranger Exchangers received:

 Each participant was paired up with a total stranger. We exchanged lists of 5 things we liked to collect. We were given a month deadline and a budget of $10-$15 (before postage). It was such a blast treasure hunting for our pen pals. And to top it all off we tried to package everything with extra thought and love. If you or someone you know wants to excchange with us in the fall (September/October) send an email or leave a comment below.

Thank you to: Lea, Shandra, Alison, Jenna, Laurel, Nancy, Erin, Tess, Maggie, Cheryl, Carissa, Jara, Ariel, Kaitlyn, Amanda, Jess and Liz!

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