Jun 11, 2011

If you don't get all your ducks in a row...

As a child my most prized possession, the toy my mom had to take away from me to get me to go to bed was not something that could be bought in a store. It was simple, and thoughtful and unique. I don't think my mom ever intended it to be my plaything, let alone my favorite toy. She used to clip coupons from the Sunday paper. Every so often there would be an add for pants you could send away for. Attached to these 5 x 7 advertisements was a small fabric sample. I don't know why, but my mom saved every one of these. She would unstaple them from their information card, and tuck them away in an old wooden tea box. I don't remember exactly when I discovered her collection. I do, however, remember hours and hours and hours of quite time with the samples. I would empty the box onto the carpet, feeling the texture of each tiny fabric square. Then I would line them up, darkest to lightest, softest to stiffest, smoothest to bumpiest and so on and so on. 

This tumblr Things Organized Neatly reminds me of those happy pants sample moments. Each photo of collections lined up gives me that same calm feeling I'd get from organizing my teeny fabric squares. That must be what it feels like when "all your ducks are in a row." 

Things Organized Neatly

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