Jun 26, 2011

I Collect: Melanie

Melanie creates one of the most adorable design blogs: You Are My Fave. I had the pleasure of interviewing Melanie about her special collection. Be sure and check out her blog, she has the best faves!

My Name is: Melanie Blodgett

I collect: cake stands

Its been going on for: two years

I look for additions to my collections at: department stores, thrift shops and Etsy 

When I find one I feel: a twinge of guilt, should I get it or not?! 

The star of my collection is: a perfect white milk glass stand 

The oddest piece in my collection is: I don't have an odd one yet

A way my collection has gotten me into a tight situation: I house them on the top of my desk and now I can't use the desk! 

Some other things I like to collect are: books, party decorations 

My family and friends think my collection is: taking up too much space

Thanks for sharing Melanie!

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