Jun 8, 2011

I Collect: Laurel

Laurel has a number of interesting things. She is often found thrifting around the Bay Area, not only to beef up her own person collections, but to find gorgeous items for her successful Etsy Shop "SixtytoSeventy.

My Name is: Laurel Wilton

I collect: orchids, pedestal mugs, lamps, foil ornaments and felt ornaments, old magazines, salt and pepper shakers, glass ware, vinyl

Its been going on for: For a long time--- I used to collect Jones Soda bottles when I was a teen (now I only have one left), but I did not realize I was a collector until a few years ago. That's when I started going to the thrift stores on a regular basis and had a better feel for what I was searching for.

I look for additions to my collections at: Good Will, Salvation Army, Antique Stores, Fairs, Estate Sales, Craigslist, Ebay.

When I find one I feel: I feel like my eyes bug out and in my head, I say, "O-M-G! This is amazing." If I don't get that feeling, then I don't buy it. 

The star of my collection is: That's tough... I have a lot of favorite pieces, but I guess the star would be...my JVC space helmet television. 

The oddest piece in my collection is: My Syrocco Monk Corkscrew. My dad gave it to me, and it is a very odd piece. 

A way my collection has gotten me into a tight situation: I suppose I am just running out of room (literally, a tight situation), forcing me to sell.

Some other things I like to collect: tinsel garland, vintage shoes, small tins and boxes, vintage ceramics, news papers, 8 track tapes, old postcards, vintage purses and coats. 

My family and friends think my collection is: huge and fantastic. I love it, and it makes me happy. Being on the hunt and finding that treasure is a great feeling. 

Thanks for sharing Laurel! 

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