Jan 1, 2012

Collecting Jadeite

I don't usually make New Years resolutions, but if I made one for this next year, it would be something like "learn more." I love learning about new things. Writing for The Collect Collective really gives me the opportunity to hone in on new subjects of interest. One collectible I've been curious about, ever since I started digging around estate sales and antique shops, is Jadeite. I've always had my hands full (literally) with too many other collections, that I haven't picked up any jadeite for myself yet. One day I hope to have a wall of jadeite in my kitchen, a whole wall of that delicious green.

Jadeite used to be so cheap it was free! It was the prize found buried in tubs of Quaker Oatmeal or the buyers incentive with a sack of flour. Many restaurants and institutions served meals on jadeite due to it's durability and resistance. Because of it's high threshold for breakage, there are many pieces still out there today. (and large collections too, see: Martha's, Paula's, and the Pioneer Woman's). 

Jadeite was mass produced beginning in the 1930's. Mckee was the first manufacture-and the least popular among today's collectors. Jeannette Glass Company is credited with popularizing the term "Jadeite." The Anchor Hocking Company, near Lancaster PA, is most known for it's "Fire King" glass ware. Fire King was produced in a variety of colors, but their Jade-ite remains the most sought after. This article offers some helpful hints for identifying the producer a jadeite piece. 

If you are interested in learning more about Jadeite I'd suggest checking out some of these titles: "Jadeite: An Identification & Price Guide," or "Delphite and Jadeite A Pocket Book For Collectors." If it's Fire King your are most interested in, available in it's 4 edition is: "Anchor Hocking's Fire King & More." Also helpful Fire Kings specific reads are; "Unauthorized Guide To Fire-King Glasswares," and (with a spectacular jacket, I might add) "A Collector's Guide To Anchor Hockings "Fire-King" Glasswares."

Display your Jadeite loud and proud, make 'em all green with envy!

The Jadeite items you see here are available for purchase on Etsy. Thank you Etsy sellers for the use of your gorgeous photographs!

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