Jan 31, 2012

Attn: Minneapolis; Exhibit Closing

Man oh man it's been a busy busy month. My daughter turned one and on top of putting together a very special, low maintenance cupcake and balloon party, I've had some other heavy lifestyle issues to deal with. I wont get too personal here, but instead I'll share something that I've had the chance to enjoy. On the 1st floor of the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts is a small exhibit of Mechanical and Still Banks. The exhibit is titled "Mechanical Menagerie: Selections from the Kathrine Kierland Herberger Collection of Banks." It is a pretty impressive collection and it runs through the end of March. 

Considering the MIA is a free facility, you really have no excuse for missing this show. And while you are there you can check out the period rooms, the amazing modern collection and the adorable Frank Lloyd Wright diorama.

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