Jan 19, 2012

Collecting Vintage Luggage

I love storage. And I love thrifting, digging and picking. Over the years I have accumulated a number of vintage suitcases and luggage. They are so easy to find and look wonderful tucked in a corner or piled up high. They are the perfect addition to hide other collections I'm not displaying at the moment. 

1940's wooden suitcase $65.00

Vintage luggage carries (pun intended) a wide range of price points. Some of the less expensive pieces could be mere pennies at your local thrift store, or something like a Louis Vuitton, coveted by high end collecters, could be in the thousands. This site had some helpful information on choosing the right European luxury piece.

Linen Lined French Suitcase $125

One issue that luggage collectors face is cleanliness. Often a suitcase, especially if it has been well loved, or stored in the depths of ones estate for years on end, can come with it's own special smell. The case may also be scuffed, blemished or have sticky residue from peeled off luggae labels. Thanks to the "High Planes Thrifter!" Here is expert advice on cleaning and maintaining your vintage luggage pieces. 

American Tourister Traincase in Red $29.00

If you love the printed word as much as I do and are looking to sink your eyes into some vintage luggage literature I recommend; "Vintage Luggage: A Case History," and "Antique Trunks: Identification and Price Guide."

Handpainted Circular Overnighter $60.00

Can't get enough? Check out this luggage eye candy over at DesignSponge.
Tired of keeping your luggage stacked in a pile in the corner? Or Stuffed way back in your closet? Try making it into a beautiful coffee table!
Surprise your little one with the unexpected-a doll house inside of a suitcase (thanks to the creative minds over at birch & bird!)

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