Aug 4, 2011

Announcing: Round 2 of The Stranger Exchange!

Attention Collectors,
Do you like the mail? Do you love collecting stuff? How would you like to get involved with a interactive mail art project involving strangers and collections? We are recruiting for the second coming of The Stranger Exchange!

The Stranger Exchange is a pen pal network set up to connect fellow collectors.You will be paired with a stranger who has similar collections or likes. The two of you will exchange information, a few notes and tidbits and eventually a package!

All you need to do to be involved in The Stranger Exchange is email us your Name, Email Address, Snail Mail Address and A list of 5 things you collect (or would like to collect). Everyone is welcome to participate. There is no discrimination. If your next door neighbor, grandma, grocery store bagger or cribbage partner want to play to, that's cool! Send 'em on over.

We will be recruiting for participants through the month of August. You will be given your partner on September first and your packages should be sent by the end of September. We are all really looking forward to this next round. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. If you follow the stranger exchange links posted above, you will see other blog postings/photographs of the last exchange.

Happy Collecting!
Love, The Collect Collective

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