Aug 23, 2011

Las Hermanas Iglesias

Maybe I'm feeling a little hairy. I just deleted 75% of my hair for donation to locks of love. I've been meaning to talk about this marvelous piece by sister artist pair Las Hermanas Iglesias, for sometime now and chopping my locks seemed to be the alarm reminding me. 

Sisters Lisa and Janelle Iglesais make up dynamic duo "Las Hermanas Iglesias." Their creations range from tounge-in-cheek to sweet and sentimental. They also make art individually and have even collaborated with their mother on a project. I find their entire catalogue of work extremely fascinating.

The first piece of theirs I'd like to share is from an instillation the girls did at the Jersey City Museum as part of their "Hairwork" series. Hairwork references the girls memories of their mother clipping and saving hair for as a keepsake, Scandinavian wreath making, and Victorian hair jewelery

I can only imagine the time and care it took to collect all of these pieces of hair and lay them ever so perfectly on to the gallery wall. The textures and the various shades are so appealing to the eye. From a far you can't even tell it is hair, but upon closer inspection the reality becomes clear. I really wish I could have seen this in person. 

Being it is so tactile, I think I would have needed to reach out and touch it.

There is another piece of Las Hermanas Iglesais' that fits with The Collect Collective vibe. It's titled "Lost Glove." A beautiful collection piece made up of recovered gloves, found in Paris over a five month period. 

62 gloves were discovered, placed on a wall and reunited with the spirit of their missing mate.

Again, this is another piece that looks stunning from a far, but when you get closer magic happens. The sweet and simplistic, but highly detailed qouache paintings of the missing gloves pop out and grab you. 


Check out the other amazing things these two have done, together and apart. 

Thank you Lisa and Janelle for the use of your photographs. 

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