Aug 13, 2011

Mailmale (and the Stranger Exchange)

Huh? I wonder why they never called the Postman a "Mailmale." Same thing right? Nuggets of wisdom-this and more, from your friends at The Collect Collective. 

With that being said, we are recruiting for the big "Stranger Exchange," our quarterly pen pal project. Everyone is welcome to participate. Here is the deal; you are paired up via our pen pal network, with a stranger. You and your exchange partner trade information and a list of 5 things you collect (or would like to start collecting). Then you have a month to put together a package for your stranger. Spending $10 to $15 (before shipping) you will put together a parcel of awesomeness, wrap it up nice and mail it out. Then sit back and wait for your own sweet surprise to arrive!

Everyone is invited to play.
Send us a message or post a comment saying you want in. We are looking for participants through August. You will be given your partner September 1st. Our packages will ship by October.

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