Jul 5, 2011

I Collect: Nancy

My mom is so cool. Thats why she is being interviewed for The Collect Collective! About 5 years ago I was asked to participate in an art show involving dioramas. The idea was to create a"dream room" diorama. For some reason I thought my mom (who had always collected mini things) would like to make one too. I called her up and gave her the proposal. A few weeks later she shipped to Oakland the most beautiful shoe box "dream room." She's been making her own dollhouses and miniatures ever since. 

My Name is:  Nancy Willcox
I collect:  miniatures

Its been going on: since childhood
I look for additions to my collections at: Anywhere !!  Sometimes miniature collectors look at things differently. As an example, at a restaurant, I see the little container with cream in it for coffee and know that it would make a perfect miniature garbage can.  But mostly I  go to garage sales, holiday bizarres, stores and the Good Will.

When I find one I feel: thrilled!
The star of my collection is: a miniature Swarovski crystal perfume bottle that I got at a consignment store for $2.00.   

The oddest piece in my collection is: Dried grape twigs (from real grapes).  They make great miniature trees for a fall outdoor scene.

A way my collection has gotten me into a tight situation:  I sometimes run across something I REALLY have to have and end up paying more than I budgeted to spend.
Some other things I like to collect are:  crystal prisms, books by author Daphne du Maurier and antique glass doorknobs

My family and friends think my collection is:  AWESOME

 Thanks for sharing Nancy!

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