Jul 6, 2011

Collecting: Pink Flamingos

These days you can find flamingos in any color. My neighbor is currently displaying a spread of flamingos in all colors of the rainbow (I'm guessing as a shout out  to "Pride" which occurred a few weekends past.) The original "Pink Flamingo" was created in 1957 by Don Featherstone. The birds landed on manicured lawns in flocks. Loving the plastic revolution, happy post war era households embraced the pink decoration. By the 1970's they became the poster child of all things tacky. John Waters' movie Pink Flamingos gave the plastic adornment a new image. The tag line "An Exercise in Poor Taste" redefined the flamingo's roll. By the mid eighties, the kitchy creatures had a resurgence in popularity. The thirtieth reunion of their creation brought on a change for the birds, the company responsible for their existence, Union Products, added Don Featherstone's signature to their backside.

In 1996, a marked year for Mr. Featherstone, he purchased Union Products, and went on to win the Ig Nobel Prize.  In 2000 He retired. His name was quietly removed from the behind on the production line, causing mass panic in the world of pink flamingos, only to quietly return a few months later. Union Products closed in 2006, but the original molds were purchased and still used in production on newer. non-Union Products models.

Looking to add to your flamingo collection? Try:  Pink Flamingos.Com  Pink Inc. or  Plastic Flamingos.

....And remember, all lawn ornaments should be dressed for the appropriate season.
(wedding photo by: Nate Henderson)

Final thought; if plastic isn't your deal, don't forget to visit the real thing at your local zoo. They are quite majestic in person. I also found these badass flamingo feathers for sale on Etsy. Oh the artististic possibilities of a bright pink bird feather! 

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