Jul 12, 2011

Collecting: Pyrex

Collecting vintage Pyrex is a thing. There is a whole world out there of avid Pyrex collectors. Blogs like Pyrex Collective and Pyrex Love are great examples of the vintage Pyrex network that exists. (Pyrex Collective became so big it had to split into two Pyrex gossiping websites!)  Even Paula Deen gives props to Pyrex collecting. As someone who loves to throw/attend dinner parties, I can tell you, no matter what you make, it looks better in Pyrex.

I started my Pyrex collection the first year I settled in California. I had very few belongings, having relocated halfway accross the country with only a suitcase and a cat. When I finally signed my first lease I went to the thrift store and bought a spoon, a fork, a salmon colored Fiestaware plate, a frying pan and a Pyrex coffee mug.

The next few years I picked up every single Pyrex piece I came across. Thirft stores are a wonderful resource for Pyrex. And garage sales, espically suburban garage sales, where the American Dream is out in full force. Living in the East Bay I scavanged a number of wonderful finds at Urban Ore.

I wasn't the only person back then, I knew that collected Pyrex too. My roomate also had a good stash. An better culumination than me! And when I got married she gifted me a full set of Spring Blossom dinner plates and tea/coffee set. She even got me a matching butter dish. 

If you are interested in collecting Pyrex and want more information, I strongly suggest checking out (as linked above) The Pyrex Collective and Pyrex Love. There are books availabe on the subject. Your librarian can tell you if your library carries them. Here are two that are available on Amazon.com Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collectors Guide or Pyrex By Corning: A Collectors Guide

A wonderful digital resource for information on Pyrex patterns is available here on Pyrex Love. And don't forget to give Vintage Pyrex a shout-out on Facebook.

Paula Deen's advice on caring for your Pyrex:
Pyrex is a durable glass suitable for use in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher. But there are a few steps to follow to ensure the lifespan of your piece:
  • Never use on stove-top burner, under broiler, or in a toaster oven
  • Avoid serious changes in hot and cold temperatures (i.e. immersing a hot dish in cold water)
  • Always add a fraction of liquid before baking foods that release liquids while cooking
  • Don’t use or repair a piece if it is chipped, cracked or scratched

All of the Pyrex dishes you see here are availalbe for purchase on Etsy. Thank you Etsy sellers for the use of your lovely photographs.


  1. Love the Butterprint. I think Pyrex is coming back since tupperware/plastic is going out. Glass is in :) Great collectibles!!

  2. we're all about the pyrex and fire king in my house!

  3. we're all about the pyrex and fire king at my house!

    1. I too love my pyrex. I lved in Ohio for 20 years and seriosly never heard of it. Now I live in the town that makes it. 1 block from my house. Pyrex is so convienant. oven freezer serving....im glad i moved back home. i also sell it on my ebay site, check me out *2011_antiqueseller. send me a note mention this site and ill give a very good deal. Happy shopping for more pyrex.

    2. Back then,I wasn't the only person I knew that collected Pyrex.My roommate had a better stash of Pyrex than me!.
      Her wedding gift to my fiance and I was an entire set of Spring Blossom dinner plates, along with a tea/coffee set.There was even a matching butter dish included in her wedding gift.