Mar 19, 2012

Collecting Love Locks

Where have I been? 
Besides all of the obvious answers, why have I not heard of this phenomenon? For quite sometime, all across the world, lovers are affixing "Love Locks" to bridges, light posts, and street signs. The padlocks are meant to represent their everlasting union. 

There is no clear origin for this custom. The legend varies from country to country. In Spain the idea is attributed to the popular book "I Want You," which has recently been made into a film. In Taiwan, the story goes; bridges that lay above railroad tracks contain energy capable of granting loving couples wishes. And on a bridge in Serbia, lovers have been leaving locks since before World War I, "protecting their love from being torn apart" which is said to have happened to a famous local couple. 

These romantic sentiments have caused quite the ruckus! The weight of these locks is damaging the infrastructure they are attached to. They are threatening the safety of bridges, damaging historic structures, and even causing (as some city officials have put it) an eyesore. In many instances, the locks are removed, only to pop up again! Lovers are being urged to express their undying connection via the Internet with sites like "Lucchetti Ponte Milvio," and "The Love Grid," (both digital scenarios for lovers to a fix locks) or to use designated frameworks built to safely hold the padlocks of passion. 

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Isn't it Romantic?

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  1. Thank you SO much for featuring my photo! I really enjoyed reading your article, too. I had no idea that some of them are actually damaging the bridges from the weight of them. Crazy...

  2. LoveLocks are also in the USA! It is becoming the hottest new "thing to do"! To find out more visit

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Photo :)
    Looks fantastic .

  4. i confess ... i just read this post and ... i thought it was an april fools joke ... i had to look back at your posting date to show myself otherwise.

    lovelocks are new to me too.

    interesting blog!!!